Pat Millard (Men’s Ministry & CMCC Archers)

Patrick (Pat) Millard
Ministry Leader: CMCC Archers & Marked Men
It has been a great enjoyment being the Husband to Linda of 42 years and having been blessed with 2 daughters; Lesa and Valerie, both having an higher level of education in multiple fields and a grandson Kody, (10), who also represent Central Montcalm Community Church as an CMCC Archer in archery Tournaments and has won 2 awards in the in the past couple of years, representing CMCC Archers.
My journey began when my family moved to Stanwood, MI on the Muskegon River. This journey was a slow process that at the time was unknown to me. I Met and became friends with a neighbor about a quarter mile away, who lived in an old lumber mill that was fully operational and run by creek water. We as kids played, went to school, played sports, etc, but one summer I was invited to summer bible church for a week. This was my first encounter with our Lord and Savior, first of many that would follow. After graduation, I enlisted in the Army and after a couple of overseas tours I was honored to become part of the elite, Army Special Forces. During the many years of travel and First Contact Missions and tactical operations there was always some prayer before each mission. Still my journey to service the Lord was still unknown to me. Praying before missions was the most involvement in my life at this time. With no intimate relations or future ambitions of pursuing any further involvement with the Lord, not aware the Lord had a plan for me. After many encounters with crash landing, parachuting mishaps, point man on night patrol and falling off a cliff, or other near disaster event all without a scratch or just minor bruising, one day I was pondering over the years of my life and wondered why I was still here on this earth. After retiring from the military a long period of readjustment took place and another career and a second life appeared. After some more time passed a new neighbor moved across the street, Pastor Wayne Otto and his family. Over time and some invitations my wife Linda helped Pastor Wayne with a few churches, Lakeview and CMCC. Between Linda’s involvement and Pastor Wayne and his daughter Erin, always inviting me to come to church, I felt the need to go. After approximately a year I had a growing need for something more. At that time there was a young Pastor Bill Dixon who was just starting the Men’s Ministry and always made sure that I did not forget the date of each meeting. During that time I had an idea that would get more people involved, some sort of archery ministry. Well as it sounded good no one have the interest of pursuing it plus Pastor Bill moved on. Over the next couple of years or so this idea kept hounding me. So I design an archery program concept based on three things, life skills, archery and devotional and with a very special team developed todays archery ministry. As time moved on the present Pastor thought that since the archery ministry was somewhat similar to the Men’s Ministry I would be a great candidate for the leadership of this ministry. After some praying I accepted this challenge, while this ministry is still under development and changing, with these thoughts in mind, connect men with God and with other men and leave no man behind, ages 6 to death do us apart, were another journey begins.
As always to tell a brief story of one’s life journey in a few words or without writing a small book is impossible, without getting boring. So I hope this helps you know a little about my journey with the Lord and look forward to seeing you in the Archery Ministry or the Men’s Ministry or just getting involved with other activities in the church.

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