Pastor Chris

pc50Pastor Chris Austin has the great pleasure of being the husband to Jean for 29 years, on June 27th.  Blessed to be the dad to two adult children, Christin (25) our very special daughter who has blessed us with understanding Asperger’s Syndrome and Ethan (22) who just graduated from SWU majoring in church music.

My journey with Jesus began at age 17 when the girl I was dating said “you have to go to church with me so you understand who I am or I can’t date you anymore” Three weeks later I accepted Jesus into my life three years later I married the girl.  After high school I attended Olivet Nazarene University in IL.  I received the call to be a pastor at a fall revival. Being the complacent follower that I am, I stood up, said out loud “NO!” and walked off.  Fast forward a few years I am in business pursuing my career goals and am 6 months ahead of my objective and totally miserable. I had a very trusted mentor tell me “Chris try all the vocations you can/want if you are never satisfied unless you are ministering then you have a call that will sustain you through any rough patches you hit” Consequently I have done everything from factory work to being a Schwan’s salesman. I am never happy unless I am striving to reach the lost, disciple the found, and doing life with the body of Christ.

Of course if you caught where I met my wife you understand I am a transplanted southern boy.  I grew up in Tennessee and Arkansas and did not go past the Mason Dixon line until I married a gal from MI.  If you don’t understand the southern dialect I count it a privilege to help y’all, I do speak a passable Midwest accent for you guys to understand me.  I believe real college football takes place in the SEC and I have three University of Tennessee hats one for gardening and fishing, one for going to town and one for “special occasions” having said that I am a Detroit Lions fan and a Red Wings fanatic.  I enjoy woodworking, gardening, fishing, shooting, hiking, cycling, canoeing, reading, and watching the Lions and the Wings.

I hope this helps you get to know a little about me and I look forward to seeing you at CMCC


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