Linda Millard (Prayer Ministry)

My name is Linda Millard and I am head of the prayer ministry

I am happily married to my husband Patrick (Pat) for 42 years now. We have 2 grown daughters, and one terrific grandson. I grew up in the small town of Eaton Rapids. I have one brother and we were always brought up to know the Lord. We lived across the street from the Baptist church. Even though my parents did not attend church regularly my brother and I were made to go to Sunday school and vacation bible school.
I met and married Pat in Texas while he was in the military. Even though we were married in Texas we were both from Michigan. It wasn’t until we moved to Sheridan and later met our new neighbors Pastor Wayne and his wife, Amy Otto, that we started thinking about attending church.
It wasn’t until I started going to the church in Sheridan that I realized how much God loves me, has protected me and has a plan for my life. It was then that I started to understand I had to take my first step by trusting God. I had to learn to let go of what I thought and trust in him. My first step was when I was asked to go to Georgia on a mission trip. I kept feeling God telling me to trust him. I finally gave in and I had a wonderful and safe trip .The next time was when I was asked to become a board member, I kept feeling I was not worthy and I said okay because I never thought I would be voted in. But again it was God. I have learned that God puts us in places where we have to lean and trust in him.
In the past I have worked in the nursery and also ran the clothing drive for a while. Now God has guided me to lead the prayer ministry along with 3 of the most amazing women. I feel that I am a work in progress and that is fine because I love to watch where God takes us, and what he is doing in all of our lives.
I hope that this helps you to get to know a little bit more about me.

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